Friday 30th July

Image credit: Andy Doornhein

18:00 – Doors open
19:30 – Performance begins
22:00 – Final doors


Written and performed by Pip Utton

Directed by Maguerite Chaigne

Simon Sherwood, an actor, is preparing to play Margaret Thatcher the famous British Prime Minister. He talks to his stage manager and technician and then to Mrs T herself as he puts on the costume, make-up and wig. He transforms into Mrs Thatcher and prepares to make a speech. She starts in her normal ‘party conference’ mode but then suddenly changes her mind; instead of talking to the audience she decides to talk with the audience and invites them to join in and ask her anything they want to ask; anything. And she will answer honestly. The actor has no idea what he will be asked but must always answer as Mrs Thatcher until he can take no more, and his family history during her time as PM comes to light before Mrs Thatcher finally takes control again.

This isn’t just  a reflection on how to portray this lady, nor is it in praise or condemnation, but it’s a live audience with Margaret Thatcher.

Pip Utton IS The ‘Iron Lady’! Saviour or witch? Love her or hate her?  Not for Pip to decide, only to portray. She divided the nation like no other politician, she changed the face of British, perhaps world politics forever, and the effects of her influence and policies are still felt today.  Listen once again to her philosophies, her inspiration and her logic, and then take the chance to ask Her a question!!!!

The performance is full of laughs and at the same time raises serious thoughts and discussions, and because of the audience involvement every performance is different!

Pip Utton  is known throughout the world for his spellbinding portrayals of Adolf, The Hunchback, Churchill, Dickens, Casanova, Chaplin, Hancock and many others.  ‘Maggie’ is probably Pip’s greatest challenge yet.  Pip not only becomes Margaret Thatcher but risks taking audience questions, and answering them all as Maggie!


53 Mount Ephraim Lane, London, SW16 1JE

Refund Policy

We are regrettably not able to offer refunds for this event. However, if the event cannot go ahead, then the organisers will of course refund  your purchase. 

In the instance of inclement weather, the venue will remain outdoors but will be covered and therefore the event will continue. Just make sure to bring a woolly jumper!


WINNER The Stage Special Award for Acting Excellence 2015

WINNER Award for Outstanding Theatre 2015

WINNER Valery Kashanov Award 2016


Review Quotes

“Pip’s portrayal is incredibly respectful and generous to Margaret T, and to the miners and to the actor who plays her. He is completely non-judgemental about any side at all, not an easy task, but love her or hate her you can question her and expect her honest answer whether or not you like the answer.” – Daily Express

“Playing Maggie is a remarkable and original show” – Mark Lawson – The Independent

“So good, you could have sworn Utton was channelling her redoubtable parliamentary spirit.” –  Dominic Cavendish – Daily Telegraph

“A truly memorable and wonderful piece of theatre. One of the best I’ve seen in years.” – Martin Powell – Theatre Extra

“Exactly the way the Iron Lady would have done it.” – Gerald Berkowitz – The Stage

“She was ever present, entirely consistent, immensely funny and absolutely real.” – Heather Bagnall –

“Agree or disagree with her,  her stance was clear. Funny, informative, strange and hugely entertaining.” – Pat Harrington – Counter Culture

“Once Maggie herself is unleashed it is nothing short of stunning.  He is Maggie.”  – TV Bomb

“Pip Utton creates magic on the stage” – Canberra Times

Pip Utton in Playing Maggie